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I Am So Queried Out… | Fiction Spook

I Am So Queried Out…


Fellow writers, have you ever been through this experience?  Have you ever queried until you felt as if you couldn’t query any more?  I’m getting there, with another round tonight.  Just submitted to three more places, including Ploughshares Magazine, a place called Freshly Baked Fiction, and another magazine entitled ‘Title Goes Here’.  Not to mention the outstanding queries I’m still waiting to hear from that are out to The Missouri Review, Tin House, Zoetrope, Alaska Quarterly Review, Sex and Murder Magazine, Women on Writing, Necrology Shorts and Dark Moon Digest.  I’m also still waiting to hear back from an agent who’s considering a novel exclusively, and yet another agent I just sent a revised book to, just to get his opinion on if he thinks it’s improved.  I’m not even expecting an offer, I just wanted to get an opinion.  :(  I don’t expect to hear back on that one for six months, if ever.

In the meantime, here’s my latest book review published over at Last Writes, on Richard Matheson’s Hell House.  Great book, you should check it out:


Just this past weekend, I revised two stories I’d written over a year ago.  One I’d written over two years ago.  I just rewrote completely new endings to them, and I’m exhausted.  I really think they’re improved now.  I’m actually feeling like patting myself on the back a bit.  Ever had that one?  One of the stories, I personally now think kicks some major ass, in fact.

I really don’t have much to say in this post, other than, I feel a bit weird about this, but I think I’ve hit a dead end.  I’ve just about queried every story I can at the moment, to every open outlet I could find.  So, until the rejections start rolling in, I’m sort of stuck at the moment, is the realization I’m reaching tonight.  I now have no other choice but to wait until I hear some news, either good or bad, before I can formulate my next plan of attack.

Not that I have nothing to do, mind you.  Remember that I’m an Editor over at Dark Moon Books.  The final edit of the MS for High Midnight just fell on my desk this weekend.  I’ll be laboring over that starting tomorrow, in preparation for the final stretch.  In other words, High Midnight, by author Rob Mosca, will be making its debut within the next couple of months, I believe.  Hopefully by no later than summer’s end.  I’m really excited about this book, folks.  It’s actually quite fabulous.

Now here’s a story for you:  about a year ago, I heard about this author from a random online acquaintance-friend.  He told me to check out this cool book his buddy had written.  It had originally been published through CreateSpace, a self-publish deal.  Well, I purchased the book on Amazon and read it and fell in love with this author’s story and his style.  I even contacted him to ask him tons of questions about CreateSpace and his personal experience with self-publishing.

Then one day, my boss over at Dark Moon Digest asked his associate editors if they’d read any good books lately.  I chimed in and said ‘Heck, yeah.  I just read this amazing book by this self-published author!’  Good ‘ole Stan Swanson, always on the lookout for breakout authors said, “well, send that book on over.”  Next thing I know, my boss is reading this kick ass book, and asking me for the contact info on the author, who, I’m proud to say, has become a very valued friend and colleague in the business.  The rest is history.  Rob Mosca was offered a contract with Dark Moon Books, and I was invited to be the main editor of the revised version of High Midnight, along with Stan himself.

I’m so excited to reveal the new and improved version of this book to the world.  I’m really hoping people will check it out, read it, buy tons of copies, and that this unknown (but truly talented) author will finally have his foot in that proverbial door.  Yes, that dang door I’m currently trying to shove my foot into as well.  I haven’t quite accomplished this yet, but my friend, Mr. Mosca has gotten a few steps closer.  I’m really hoping for him, if not for myself.

It’s been a pleasure working on this MS with him and my boss, Stan Swanson.  It’s been quite a ride, in so many ways.  This book has been torturous at times to work on, given my personal life at the time of its inquest, not to mention some other people involved and their own personal battles.  I won’t go into it, but I’ll be so happy if this book comes out and does well.  So, so incredibly elated for my friend.

Well, crap, look at that.  I hadn’t even intended on talking about High Midnight, and it’s ended up becoming the main topic of this post.  Shit, I might as well include the latest cover:

Anyhow, it’s always fun to revel in your friend’s successes, isn’t it?  It’s nice to see someone else attaining the dream.  Of course, I’m still hoping for myself, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  But seriously folks, I’m all queried out for a few weeks at least, and I really could use some more good news, and less of the rejection.

As always, thanks for reading.  Keep your eye out for Rob Mosca and his debut novel High Midnight.  You can bet your ass as soon as it’s out, I’ll be letting everyone know.  ;)

‘Til then, stay strong, fellow writers.  Don’t give up.  Keep writing, keep querying, keep sending your stuff.  Keep revising your current work.  Keep jotting down those new and amazing ideas.  Just…keep going.  Never give up the dream.  Always be a lover to your craft.; gentle, understanding, and always there for your stories.  Never give up on those.  Never give up on your story.

This is my story, and I thank you for sharing in it, those of you who may happen to be reading this.


Jennifer Word

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